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fish fun!

(This photo was taken last October 4, 2010)

Had some silly moments with my Fisheye lens!

Modified SUPER eyeglasses

Took this picture last Medical Technology day 2010
They look nice, don’t they? 😀

Comment back if you see this! ^^

Rest well bro…

(Me, Sir Joey and Faina)

A teacher, a friend, a Corpus Christi hero, my hero.
Sir Joey Castil.
A guy who loved music, dancing, God, and Cagayan de Oro’s Shawarma.
My 1st encounter with Sir Joey was way back 8 years ago.
He was this typical strict teacher.
He taught us mathematics but also taught us how to live life.
I got to know him more because of YFC.
He was more than the average moderator of the club.
He was a “kuya”.
I owe this great man my relationship with my family.
He taught me how to love and honor my mother, father and siblings.
I owe this man all the relationship I have with friends.
He taught me that true friends never abandon each other.
I owe this man my bachelor’s degree.
He taught me to never miss a class.
He was always an inspiration to us all.
He would always listen to us and he never failed at that.
Whenever I was in trouble or had problems that I couldn’t fix on my own?
He’s just a txt away.
Barkada chats? Computer games? Basketball? Movies? Sir Joey is there…
I always relied that whenever I come home mka laag2 mi ni nila Sir Joe.
Whenever I’d visit Corpus? I’d look for Sir Joey to have simple chats or plan outings with friends.

My relationship with Sir Joey can be simplified in a verse I got from a song.

It well may be
that we will never meet again in this lifetime
so let me say before we part
so much of me is made from what I learned from you
You’ll be with me
like a hand print on my heart
Now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine
by being my friend

Sir, because I knew you, I have been changed for the good. I love you bro!
Rest in peace…

Will stop talking and start posting! :P

“A Storm is coming”
(January 16, 2011)

I was eating one time at Goldilocks SM, Cebu with my brother and aunt when I noticed the weather outside.
It was perfectly gray.
I went out for a while and took a shot, processed it with Photomatix and presto! 😀

For me, it looked so cool considering it was my 1st time to process HDR pictures.
I actually had a lot of help thanks to Tingwaltz. He was so kind to give me the workflow.
Comment back when you read this! 😀

I was in kicked in the a**!

So I had my job interview this morning… hhmmm… exciting news?

I started my day early… 8am to be precise…
After preparing, I went to Asia Town IT Park for my interview.

Initial interview = Aced it! (The questions were easy and not challenging)
2nd interview = Super Aced it! (Written exam – Math and Computer Troubleshooting and a Computer-based exam which included some listening and typing )

Final interview… Well, I’m not gonna go run circles with this —
I got the B*tch… Period.

So guess what? — I didn’t get the job.. haha!
She said I was too strict and all that. 😐
Well, on to another interview. Comment if you read this! 😀

This photo was taken last August 2010
Strike! Cebu Doctors’ University Intramurals 2010

Jobless graduate

Earlier today I went out to look for job openings ‘coz my Internet search wasn’t doing so well. 😐
Well, It’s always better to go to the company directly.
After walking for several hours I realized something.
Dude! I’m a college graduate?
Isn’t it supposed to be like companies are within your reach once you get a degree?

I understand what’s going on with this country but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

What I thought at that moment:
-in this country? You can’t get a job easily
-if you’re a fresh grad?(common university) psshhh… your salary would only be a little bigger than those who didn’t graduate… (cashier sa mall)

I’m just sayin’… Comment if you read this! haha! 🙂

Took this last Sinulog 2011..
A wish for Sto. Nino

Sto. Nino

My 1st ever blog! yay! psshhh… I know! This title sucks! :D

I never really thought of myself as a writer.
You know the type of guy who thinks a lot and has a lot on his mind but never really knows how to put it into writing?
Yeah, that’s me.
But wait! Don’t get me wrong though. I wanna learn. Haha! 😀
I recently attended a workshop on article writing / blogging last June 4, 2011 at the Outpost, Lahug, Cebu City, conducted by a famous writer from Sunstar newspaper Cebu.
Personally, I think he was pretty intelligent because of the way he spoke. He had a lot of professional advice that he gave to us but there was one thing that he said that really pushed me to blog.
He said “Write for people”. It simply blew me away. He wanted us to share a piece of ourselves to people, for people.
Then, a bunch of ideas came to mind.

As a photographer, I could say that the photos I take have stories inside them.
Why not add some text for more info… ? 😀
“Be a story-teller not just in photography but also in writing.” right? 😀

One of my very 1st takes on my 1st DSLR, a Nikon D3000.  I took this picture around Summer of 2010.
Happiness is a very mysterious and at the same time mystical for a human being.